Saturday, January 15, 2011

Blog Re-Design Mini-Post

So, whaddya think? It's not the design I truly want, the one stewing in my head just dying to debut, but I don't have the skill to do it myself or the bucks to pay someone else! But when I came across this picture, I really liked it! I love modern furniture, the colors and the simplicity. I also created a button to go with the new look. I'm not giving up on my vision, just gotta find a way to make it happen!

While I have your attention, did you happen to catch the series premier of The Cape on Sunday night (1/9/11) on NBC? I did, and I'm not sorry about it either. It wasn't terrible and I think it might have some potential. It was only a little cheesy but when a funny moment came, I laughed out loud. Maybe that's just me. Vince Faraday is The Cape. He's sort of like Batman because he doesn't have any supernatural powers, but he uses his cape as a weapon, a shield and to do magic tricks to disappear! It comes back Monday night (1/17/11), NBC at 9pm Eastern Time. Give it a try! But be forewarned! It may cause conflicts with other great shows like Pretty Little Liars, House, Bad Girls Club or a special episode of Jersey Shore!

You may or may not have noticed that my Blogoversary is coming in 50 days or so. I'd love to do an amazing giveaway but I honestly don't know if that will be possible. I might just do a really great post! If you have any suggestions on what you would like me post about, leave a comment below with your ideas! 

I feel like I'm giving you guys a lot of homework here: comment about the blog design, comment about The Cape and leave suggestions for a Blogoversary post =]

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Alex said...

I love the layout! <3 Happy early blogoversary!


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