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I am currently a criminal justice major and mother of a rambunctious four year old, Sophia.

I've loved to read my whole life. I love everything about a book; from the feel, the smell, and the sound of turning pages to the story it tells. When someone asks me about e-readers, my answer is always the same: nothing compares to treasure of holding a real book in your hands. I have a Kindle. It's not the same. I have two huge bookcases that hold 120+ and 130+ books, respectively. They're full people. A third one is two-shelves shy of being full. I'm working on that.

I couldn't begin to tell you some of my favorite books, there are so many. The kind of books I read are vampires, faeries, paranormal romance, fantasy, etc. If the characters are supernatural, I'll probably read it. Without it, I'm bored.

I hope this helped you get to know me a little better and that you like what you find here on my humble blog! Please feel free to comment or ask questions or just say hi! When you're done showing your love here, I can return the favor and help promote your blog on the YA Blogosphere! Click to find out how!

I'd love to hear from you, so this is how you can contact me!

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