Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

Hello again!!! I have missed you guys very much. My plane landed over a week ago but my blog is my home, too! But do you ever feel like blogging, yet at the same time, you really don't feel like it? Well, that was how I was feeling after my trip to Disney (which I will share a few pics soon). While I took a break from the blogging, I did start some reading. If you've been keeping track, it is taking me a while to finish The Misfit of Supernatural High, but I can assure you it is not due to any fault with the book. I like what I've read and there's still so much more to come, I can't wait to see the end!

Speaking of the end, do you ever peek at the last page of a new book just to see the last few words? Maybe to get a feel for either a happy ending or a sad one? You don't read enough to give away what happens but enough to satisfy your curiosity - or tease it! I think I do that with every new book (when I say new, I mean not a sequel to anything, a new story) and I think I do it sometimes without even realizing. Almost out of habit. I don't know why. I guess the way I see it is - hey, by the time I  read the whole book and get to the end, I'll have forgotten what I peeked at and it won't matter. So, if you would indulge my curiosity, take the poll in the top left corner to let me know if any of you do the same or if I'm the only one! Thanks!

I also picked up two great books during a recent trip to Borders, allow me to share:

Two completely different covers! One dark, one light. The "girl next door" and the "girl from up the street"!! The look in both of their eyes are full of secrets. I love it!

I also have three more books on the way, courtesy of my loving special someone:

The last one, a little strange, I know. Not what is usually on the TBR pile, however, it was inspired by the movie Creation, a story about Charles Darwin as he mourns over the death of his daughter while struggling with his beliefs and those of his wife, if he should even write the book that changed the world. It was terribly sad and completely captivating.

And for a quirky ending; I'm thinking about naming my Nook. I feel like the two of us a getting closer and I think it should have a name. Initially, I thought I would give it a girls name, but I'm open to it being a boy :) Suggestions?

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