Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wordpress or Blogger?

By now, many of you may know that Kristi at The Story Siren has switched her blogging platform from Blogger to She has posted a list of her grievances and reasons why she decided to make the switch (you can read her post here). She informs us that the decision was made over several years of brain-racking back-and-forth and that we shouldn't let her decision to switch affect what we do with our own blogs. But how can we not, at least, consider it? I'm sure without the full intention to, Kristi and The Story Siren has become a role model to a ton of bloggers both old and new and what she says and does can sometimes set a precedent that others will gladly follow.

She makes great points about Blogger having limitations in their design department which can make blogs resemble each other when we're all trying to express our individuality. I know I would definitely like a little more freedom with the look of my blog and making it easier to do wouldn't hurt either. But one issue Kristi had with Blogger is one we should all take into consideration or at least keep in the back of minds is that Google, at any time and for any reason, can delete our blogs WITHOUT NOTICE! Now, I don't know about you guys, but after all this hard work I would be SUPER PISSED if my blogs were deleted!

So it makes me wonder if making the switch to Wordpress is worth doing. Personally, I have no idea how easy or hard it is to switch everything over but I encourage all of you to make sure that the platform you're using is fitting your needs; and if it isn't to do your homework and find one that does.
Have you been thinking about making or
have you recently made the switch?

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