Monday, July 12, 2010

Hearts at Stake Review

Written by: Alyxandra Harvey
Publication date: May 23, 2010 (1st published December 22, 2010
Released in Paperback

5 stars


Solange Drake always knew she was destined to become a vampire queen. And as the only female vampire ever born, not made, she is surrounded by danger on all sides - from vampire suitors who want to join with her lineage to bounty hunters who are set on destroying her and her family. When she is kidnapped, it's up to her older brother Nicholas and her human best friend, Lucy, to save her. But can Lucy save herself from Nicholas, who tempts her with his every look? And what will be Solange's own fate if she surrenders her heart to the vampire hunter helping her survive the deadly intrigue at the royal court?

How I Came to Read This: I was trying to decide between 3 books which one I wanted to read next. I picked this one up first to test the first coupla pages and I didn't put it down! I never even looked at the other books!

My Review: Can we talk about the cover for moment? I'm digging the font of the title - all pointy and dangerous. The model however, ruined it for me. Before I read the book, it didn't  bother me because I just assumed that she resembled the main character. And she probably does, just an older version of her. And where are the ice blue eyes? There's an overall lack of color on the cover and without that dark hair, she'd blend right into the background.

As the saying goes, "Don't judge a book by it's cover." This book is about strong friendships and building relationships. This book gets straight to the good stuff. No wasting time on fluff. Everything you need to know will be explained as the battle rages on!

I always enjoy a nice change of pace when I read a book where the narrators switch between characters. However, I DO NOT enjoy a book with a whole bunch of words I can't pronounce. Like Cwn Mamau. Why make things complicated? This guy can make these kinds of vampires and those vampire can make these vampires but only if they're half buried on the 3rd Tuesday of a month ending in Y! Phew! Hey, I appreciate variations in mythical creatures as much as the next reader, but simplify it!

Still, this book was amazing! It caught my attention right away and I couldn't put it down! It has a lot of great characters but Lucy and Nicholas very quickly became my favorite. Lucy and Solange are BFFs and Solange has 7 older brothers (one of them Nicholas), but it's Solange whom the prophecy predicted would be the vampire princess. Now that she's coming of age, the mature vamps are flocking to her like moths to a flame!

Lucy is tough. Take no crap and a comeback for everything. She's also fiercely loyal to the Drakes. Nicholas is equally protective of Lucy and his sister. He's the knight in shining armor with a warm creamy center! Solange is fixed on being a normal teen but gets swept up in the madness that her coming of age causes other vampires to feel. An unexpected hero saves the day but the change is inevitable.

There's action, romance, suspense and humor! Don't mistake this book for being predictable. It has great plot twists and an ending that assures you the sequel is a must-read!

Who Should Read This: Any YA fan! Great fun and easy read.

For those who have already read this: Did anyone else notice the punctuation?? The periods aren't circles, they're like tiny little crosses! How cool is that, huh? Nice touch!

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