Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tangled Movie Review

4 1/2 stars - Great for the little ones and the little girl in all of us!

Minor spoiler alert - but I'd hate to ruin it for anyone else.

My daughter and I were so excited to see this movie, I knew I wanted to write a review about it. I have to be honest, I missed the first couple of minutes running out to get popcorn for my daughter, who made sure I noticed that everyone else already had theirs!

Rapunzel is taken from her parents, a King and Queen by an evil woman who wishes to use Rapunzel's magical hair to remain forever young and beautiful! To do so,she locks Rapunzel in a tower and raises her as her own. She tells Rapunzel stories of a terrifying world outside the tower to scare into never leaving.

The songs were fun and bouncy though I didn't feel like any of them had any catchy chorus' that would be easy for kids to remember and sing along to.

I thought most of the characters were well developed. Rapunzel was beautiful with big green doe eyes. She was creative and artistic; painting, cooking, playing guitar, etc. Although she was naive to the outside world, as her "mother" wanted her to be, she adapted quickly and improvised well for someone who's never interacted with other people or ever had to do anything unexpected! Even more, she was brave and strong  and feisty with a frying pan! Rapunzel was also responsible for a lot of the funny moments in this movie. After fleeing from her tower, she has hilarious moments of happiness at finally being free and worrying about what her "mother" will say. Flynn Rider, the 'smoldering' cute guy, is also very funny in a drier kind of way. As much as the story revolves around both him and Rapunzel, I think he was more of a supporting character next to her. Rapunzel's "mother" was a great villain. She was definitely a character you loved to hate. One who uses backhanded kindness to be evil.

The other two great characters were Maximus, the palace horse and Pascal, the chameleon. These two were not in the movie enough. Maximus was potentially a great addition and hilarious character in the movie but he honestly did not get enough air time. Same for Pascal. I think children connect to a movie more with a strong animal character or two. From the previews, I was really excited to see Maximus and Pascal and the antics they were going to get into and the hilarious things they would do, and it just did not deliver.

I loved the rich colors of the film right from the start. I did not see this movie in 3D because my daughter is only three and will not wear the glasses. Obviously I cannot say for sure, but I doubt 3D did much to enhance this movie.

Towards the end of the movie, much like every other kids movie, comes that pivotal moment where things look like they're going to take a turn for the worst right before they live happily ever after. Well, at this moment, a little girl in the movie theater started bawling her little eyes out! Between that little girl and the tear-jerking scene playing out in front of me, my eyes were definitely wetter than they were a moment before!

The end of the movie is so heart-warming and sweet it just makes you feel all gushy inside! I'm so happy Disney came out with a new princess and a new movie to love! You have to understand, with my daughter being three, our lives revolve around the Disney princesses and introducing Rapunzel gave us a fresh place to start again!

I think every little girl (or older girl....or grown a** woman) should see this movie. It was just too cute to miss!

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Danice @ Pawlicious said...

I wasn't really sure whether to watch this movie or not but after reading the review I really want to see the movie. Great job on the review.


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