Sunday, February 6, 2011

Book vs. Nook

To ERead or not to ERead? That has been my burning question for weeks now. Does owning an ereader take away from the enjoyment of holding a book? Which ereader is right for me?

How many of you own ereaders and what kind do you have? Do you love it? Was it worth the investment? What did you look for in an ereader before you picked the right one for you?

The one I first found interest in was the Velocity Micro Cruz Reader. It looked good online but when I saw in person at my local Borders, it seemed so big! Now, I don't know how big or small one should be. Too big and it might become an inconvenience to carry around.

While preparing this post, I came across an awesome ereader that is both big and small: The Philips Rollable Ereader - Readius. It literally rolls out a screen for reading and then rolls back into itself. Cool ER Reader comes in many different colors - like hot pink!

There are so many styles and colors and features, oh my!

Recap: Is owning an ereader worth it? Do you get much use out of it? How did you find the right one to suit your reading needs?

I can't wait to hear from you!


~* (aliyah) *~ said...

I've been thinking of getting an ereader, but I was playing with some in the store yesterday and I don't really like the feel of them...I think I'm more of a traditional book kind of girl. But it will be interesting to hear from people that do own ereaders anyway =)

Elaine said...

Me too Aliyah! I love the look, the feel, even the smell of a book! I doubt owning an ereader will put a dent in my book shopping!

Joanna Farrow said...

I love my Kindle, despite the fact that it's v1.0 and has no wifi or 3G. I find I not only read more with it, but also faster. I get more engrossed with a book. Though, I would never suggest a back lit screen as a reading device. I see people with iPads and instantly think: they're going to go blind. Ereaders are great and it's no fluke that ebooks are now outselling paperbacks...

Reflections of a Bookaholic said...

Hi! I'm your newest follower. I wrote a post about this a couple weeks ago giving the pros/cons of ereaders vs. paper books. If you want to check it out...

But long story short... I have to have an ereader right now, it is soooo convenient and I always have a book with me at all times. But it can never replace the feel and smells of a book. And it is really scary to read in the bathtub with ereaders (the fear ruins the experience).

As for how to find the right one... I think that really depends on the person. I have a Sony Ereader and I love it. But the NookColor is gorgeous and I want it, but I don't need it AT ALL so I'm not getting it. lol.


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