Saturday, February 19, 2011

I Am Number Four Movie Review

5 stars - Finally, someone did it right! Okay, so it wasn't perfect but it was damn close! 

Please note that I'm reviewing this movie in comparison to the book so if you don't know the story, I'll try not to lose you! Okay, moving on.

I was absolutely satisfied with this book-to-movie transition. They didn't overdo it with the special effects or the acting and they kept it so close to the book that you almost don't even notice the difference. Almost. 

I don't want to spoil anything for you so I won't give details but what I will say is this: a few key points were left out in addition to a few major details. Some parts I believe were important enough to the story that it should have been put in and others were just things I would like to have seen. I don't have many complaints so let me get to the good stuff!

Alex Pettyfer as John Smith or Number Four, was not exactly what I had in mind when I read the book, although I am quite pleased with him nonetheless! I pictured more of the actor who played Sam; smaller, younger looking. However, Pettyfer plays John Smith just right. Bordering being on the verge of breaking out with all these new powers and trying to conceal them and blend in. Sam played by Callan McAuliff wasn't as dorky as I expected but everything else was on. I do wish there was more of Bernie Kosar in the movie. He's such a unique character and I don't think he had his fair share of screen time!

Sarah and Mark (Dianna Agron and Jake Abel), were pretty much like their characters in the book but I think Mark was a little nicer in the movie. Henry (Timothy Olyphant) is probably a little younger than I imagined yet still a great character. The Mogodorians were a lot funnier on screen than on paper yet it didn't feel out of place. They were scary and huge and ugly - perfect.

Number Six is awesome. Watching the two of them fight together was way better on the big screen! The special effects for their powers were seamless. There is nothing worse than bad effects. Don't you hate it when an actor makes a big gesture but the effect that follows doesn't seem to have as much *umph* as you expected? Well there is none of that in this movie.

Overall: A must-see. Even if you haven't read the book, who cares. Hopefully you know someone who did and can fill you in on what you're missing. If not, it's still a great movie.

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Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

I'm stopping by via the Hop. I like your blog! Lovely.

Hope you will stop by, too.

Jess said...

ooooo I am so happy you thought it was well done! only 5 more days until i can see it!
great review btw :)

Elaine said...

Thanks Jess! I can't see what you think about it! I hope you like it as much as I did!


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