Tuesday, May 3, 2011


So, this picture is enormous.  I don't intend to leave it like that but until I can figure out how to add my title and shrink the picture to fit, the look is temporary. Please bear with me in the interim.

If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears! Eyes? 

Thank you!



Alyssa Udall said...

I think it looks great, even if it is enormous! I think that most general photo-editing software, even Microsoft Picture Manager that comes installed on every PC, has the option to shrink a pic to a certain percentage of its former size. Did you try doing that and then re-uploading the pic? Or you could always just open it up in Paint, shrink the size, type in your title on the picture and upload it again (clicking the box that makes the picture replace the title so the entire picture is a clickable link to your home page). That's what I do anyway! It may be low-tech, but it works. :)
Hope that helps!
-Alyssa at Redhead Heroines

Elaine said...

Thanks so much, Alyssa! I will try that!


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