Friday, May 20, 2011

Watch Me Judge These Books By Their Covers

Tonight I was doing my usual thing, scrolling through the blogs I follow and searching books on and I started thinking covers. 

What does it take for a cover to grab you?

For me, personally, a cover must inspire mystery; pique my curiosity. When I look at it I want it to make to say, "What is that???" *as I run to get my greedy hands on it!* Also, I like when a cover has some kind of connection to either the title or the story, but it isn't  necessary. Some covers are abstract, photos of random things yet shown in a  dramatic light maybe, or dripping blood or on fire. Other covers have a, what I think of it as, a "time-period" theme, you are reminded of a time where they wore corsets and petticoats. Below are some covers I thought it would be fun to share my thoughts on:

I really enjoy the Firelight covers. I love the touch of scales around the eyes. The series is about dragons and the first one has the colors of fire and I like that. The second girl even looks like a dragon! Their pupils are perfect, just a touch of that reptile look.

This is a new cover that I came across. It's simple yet it definitely sparks my curiosity. Notice the girl outlined in the in the center, all aglow. I look at it and I think, "Hm. I wonder what the deal is with her and what in the world is Glowing?"
Right off the bat, this book rouses memories of the Secret Garden, a movie I loved as a child. I love the castle in the background and the tease that maybe it's a Cinderella-type story or about a princess living under an evil reigning king or queen yet the title, Entwined, makes me think love triangle.

What I like about this cover is it's connection to the book. It's one of those covers that you may not be able to appreciate until after you've read the story. The model fits the description of the character and the way she's covering her mouth makes me envision her trying to keep hold her secrets in. She's a Liar.

Doesn't she just look dangerous? Naughty? Full of secrets? Teeth is a book of short stories and the look in her eyes just give me a good feeling about the book. 

Another book with a connected cover. In Definitely Dead, Sookie meets a were-tiger, the last of his kind, named Quinn. They have a little fling but it gets a little messy towards the end. All the while Eric Northman is trailing in the background. One of the best in the series.

I saved this one for last because I just stumbled upon it tonight and it is now my new favorite cover, the story sounds really good and it's the next book I can't wait to be released! Calla Lilies are my favorite flower and black ones are pretty cool. The one smoking in the middle is what gets you thinking. Wildefire is about gods and goddesses and  with that it makes you wonder how they all fit together.

What are some of your favorite covers and why?

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We Heart YA said...

We loved the ENTWINED cover too. (And in person, the silvery vine bits shimmer!) POSSESSION has a great cover -- it goes stark white instead of stark black, like so many right now. And the HUNGER GAMES covers are all great -- the series of transformations of the Mockingjay pin. MATCHED is kind of doing the same thing with the girl in the bubble. We like how the covers follow the journey of the characters.


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