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I was so lucky to be able to attend TwiCon this year! It was hosted at the Hilton Hotel in Parsippany, New Jersey (about an hour and forty-five minutes from me). So I brought with me my best friend, my younger cousin and a whole lotta excitement!

I wish I could say I was there for all three days from open to close but I wasn't. I went one day for a few hours but it was enough for me. I have to honest, if Robert Pattinson was there, I probably would have bought a room just to stalk him until his bodyguards had me removed! However, getting to see Booboo Stewart (Seth Clearwater), Jodelle Ferland (Bree Tanner), Gil Birmingham (Billy Black) and Chaske Spencer (Sam Uley) was really awesome!

We missed the Q&A with Booboo Stewart but caught him walking around with his enormous bodyguard. He was even cuter in person and taller than I thought. I'm 5'2 and if I was standing in front of him, I'd probably have to look up - a little.

The picture is far away because I was trying to sneak a pic of him without paying for one and I was afraid they'd take my camera if I got caught! He's the one in the white button-down if you haven't figured it out.

They auctioned off some pretty cool things like giant movie banners of Booboo Stewart (sold for $140.00); Volturi banner $160.00; a Kristen Stewart autographed Volturi picture $140.00; a Robert Pattinson autographed pic for $180.00 and a whole lot more. But the big winner of the evening was a giant movie banner of the Wolf Pack that sold for a whopping $340.00!!! Whoa. Some serious Team Jacob fans out there!

Speaking of Jacob - here's a nice pic for you...

Oh wait! That's not Taylor Lautner!!!!! That's just some dude that looks EXACTLY like him! Isn't that crazy? He is an actor that performed in an Eclipse Parody created by The Hillywood Show sisters who make parodies of popular movies and are extremely talented.

By far the best part of Twicon were the guest panels. Jodie Ferland was so sweet and funny. She working on lots of new projects so there will be plenty more movies to see her in. Some interesting Jodie facts: her favorite actor is Johnny Depp (mine too), her favorite book is Breaking Dawn (she's team Edward!) and a vegetarian. She said the best part of playing a vampire was wearing the red contacts and to shoot her last scene (right before Felix rips her head off) she had to scream and "die" over and over again! She stated Robert Pattinson was impressed she could even speak the next day. She even gave us a little squeal! She told us that her friends knew she was going to be in Eclipse before she did! They all found out online and called her screaming with excitement - but she still had no idea! She also loves to paint and draw in her free time.

The highlight of the day for me was Gil Birmingham and Chaske Spencer. They were absolutely hilarious! For example, when asked what profession they would never want to be, Gil said politician and Chaske answered crack-whore! They were also asked the opposite of that question - if they weren't actors, Gil thinks he would be a musician and Chaske said he would love to be a photographer for National Geographic. How awesome is that?! Birmingham joked about not having read the Twilight books and I'm not 100% sure he was kidding! Can you imagine?? On the set of Breaking Dawn Part 1, in the scene where Billy Black rolls out of the house to find Jacob's discarded wedding invitation, Gil told us how many times he came close to falling out of the wheelchair and face-planting in the mud!

That pretty much wraps up my day at Twicon, but first let me show you what I brought home with me...

That's right! Bella's engagement ring! Love it! Last but not least, a pic of me and my bestie at Twicon!

that's me on the left

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Cassandra said...

That looked like major fun. And Bella's ring is just gorgeous!
-Cassandra @ Book & Movie Dimension (http://bmdimension.blogspot.com/)


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