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Tuesday Review Day! And More...

Welcome to my late night, late (as in overdue) Tuesday Review Day! As I've mentioned, homework is ridiculous; papers, essays, textbook readings, discussion posts, more reading, online assignments and more papers and essays. It's only the first week of OCTOBER! I'm doing all this reading and none of it is any fun. Not one fairy! Hmph.

In the midst of all that, I found some time to read a short book...uh, a dirty book, you might say. Okay, you'd definitely say it was a dirty book :-) From time to time I like to indulge in an adult read. Plus they're often short and therefore a great selection to squeeze in between assignments!

But please remember! 18 and over only! I'm not even sure 18 is old enough. I know I wouldn't want my daughter reading it at 18, so 21. 21 and over.

I have a little more than just dirty talk for you. A couple of new titles and what's new on my shelf and I'll even mention some big releases this coming this month.

First, a quick review:

Double Punch 
Written by: Tilly Greene
Publication date: February 22, 2010 by Tease Publishing, LLC
Released in paperback and ebook
222 pages - (somebody had a thing for 2's - check the pub date and pg count)

3 stars

Synopsis: Mount Olympus is buzzing with activity - the challenge for immortality is on! Castor and Pollux, universally known as the twins who aren't really twins, have been existing amongst the stars as the Gemini constellation for years. Without any warning, Zeus pulls them from the sky, and offers both men a second chance at immortality. The challenge is simple: they have one year on Earth to find their true mates. Every type of woman crosses their paths and while they make up for lost time when it comes to seeking sexual gratification, none of their partners complete them. None, that is, until they meet the stunning woman who they both claim as a mate. 

Anissa George knows how lucky she was to be adopted as a child from a Bhutanese orphanage. Her family heaped love, an understanding that there was nothing wrong with being different, and to always live life to the fullest. To do that, she put an educational computer game concept together, and the company she wants to work with, took on her project. Once she settled the work issue, it was time to pay attention to her non-existent love life. Before she can look for a date, two men who fit her perfectly arrive at her side, asking her to choose one. Impossible. WARNING: The fire starts with one on one loving and then the flames rage out of control when they become three.

My Review: I found this little number during my last trip to Borders, days before they closed. I've always love Greek mythology, so when my best friend pointed it out, I  didn't see a reason not to take it home. She bought a copy too.

Right off the bat, the first thing that grabs you, and not the frisky way, is the way Zeus speaks. He preaches to his sons Pollux and Castor not to belittle his infinite existence by calling him "Dad", yet he himself talks like some hoodlum off the street. As though he lives in New York City as opposed to Mount Olympus. Then there are no descriptions of the twins for a really long time. They keep telling you that they're twins but not twins, yet the author never really goes into detail about it.

So the not-twins get a chance to live on Mount Olympus again IF they both find their true mate. They get one year. Well they spend this whole time "playing the field", if you will, instead of looking for love. With two weeks left they finally meet "the one". Only it's "the same one" for both of them. So the games begin as they both try to win her over via seduction. Twins...but not twins. Consider this: they have been side-by-side in the sky (as stars but every bit conscious, watching people on Earth) for centuries, and centuries as men before that. Essentially they are brothers but they are not identical.

Pollux is smooth, charming, gentlemanly. No rush with this one, he takes his time.

Castor is straight to the point. Just as much the gentleman with the right amount of bad.

In contrast to the way Zeus speaks, when the twins and Anissa speak, it's far more proper. Much of the dialog was corny and hard to read and the editing was really bad. Tons of typos. On the bright side, there were clever parts of the book, quips and play-on-words, and such.

The crazy part of the storyline was the alternative to what would happen if the DIDN'T find their true mate within the year: they were sentenced to live in Hades in the underworld! It's as if they were on trial for committing a crime! Why couldn't they just go back to the stars if they couldn't find love? I don't know.

Overall: A fun, quick read. Not a "can't miss". But fun. Perfect for just three bucks! I wouldn't have paid more for it.

Who else is desperately waiting for Wings 4?? April 28, 2012 is waaaay too far! At least we don't have to call it Wings 4 anymore, the title of the next installment is....

Yes, Aprilynne Pike is aware that the new House of Night sequel is also titled Destined, but she really wanted that to be the title because she said it was really fitting. I hope that means Laurel gets her act together and chooses Tamani and goes to live in Avalon. Because THAT is what is destined! The books are also released months apart, so there should be little confusion. House of Night #9 comes out October 25th, 2011 for those that would like to know.

Did you know that Miley Cyrus was picked to play Laurel in the Wings movie?? I came across this on some website that will remain nameless because it's obvious they didn't know what they were talking about. They were announcing that Miley Cyrus was going to "grow wings" for her next movie; Laurel doesn't have wings, she has a giant flower that grows out of her back! Big Difference!! I think Miley is the wrong choice for this part. I love Miley, but she's not Laurel.

The next Firelight novel has been titled as well: HIDDEN!

I can't wait to see the cover for this one! According to, it is due out in 2012 but does not yet have an exact release date.

I think I've ranted long enough. I'll save the October new releases and my new additions for next time. Time to call it a night. Happy endings!

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