Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fave Books of 2011 - Day 2

In anticipation of the new year and all the new releases to follow, I will be doing a countdown of my favorite books in 2011; a different one everyday until the ball drops! Each new fave will be a different category such as favorite book, character, cover, series, bad-guy-you-love-to-hate and ebook.

Today's category is my favorite ebook, Pretty When She Dies: A Vampire Novel by Rhiannon Frater. I believe this might also come in paperback but since I read it on my Nook before I got my Kindle, it's my favorite ebook. 

When Amaliya wakes up as a newborn vampire, she has no idea what has happened to her; kind of like when someone wakes up as a ghost yet they have no memory of dying. This no ordinary fluff vampire story, no one there to guide her, show her how to feed on humans without killing them or how to become a vamp-vegetarian! Imagine yourself waking up as a vampire, not knowing how it happened and completely unaware that there are others out there of your kind; now you have to figure out how to survive without being caught, killed or seen! It's excited stuff! For a more in depth review, click here - you won't be sorry!


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