Thursday, February 16, 2012

Caster Chronicle Movie News!!!

If you've been a little busy like me, you might be a little behind, so allow me to share some amazing news with you if you haven't heard. We finally have a release date for Beautiful Creatures the movie!!! Warner Bros. has officially announced that the film is set to release February 1, 2013!!!

Not only do we have a release date, but apparently last week, actors have been cast to play Ethan and Lena!!! Let's see who they are and then discuss...

 Jack O'Connell as Ethan Wate

 Alice Englert as Lena Duchannes

 Viola Davis as Amma

 Emma Thompson as Mrs. Lincoln/Seraphine

Okay, discussion. I don't like the actor for Ethan. I don't see myself melting over him anytime soon but I guess I can hold out hope that he looks a little better for the movie. I think they picked a very good actress for Lena - I believe she really looks the part. Viola Davis for Amma I think is a mistake; she's a great actress, I just never pictured Amma looking like her. For Mrs. Lincoln, I'm not sure if I had a picture of her character in my head but Emma Thompson is a phenomenal actress and I believe she will play the part very well.

Richard LaGravenese, director and screenplay writer for movies such as P.S. I Love You and Water for Elephants, will be both for the Beautiful Creatures film. I'm liking the sound of this so far. Fingers crossed Casters!Whoo Hoo!

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