Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Wicked Vampire

My Wicked Vampire (Castle of Dark Dreams, #4)
Written by: Nina Bangs
Publication date: October 1, 2009 (first published September 1, 2009)
Released in Paperback

5 stars

Synopsis: The Castle of Dark Dreams is just part of an adult theme park, right? The most decadent attraction in a place where people go to play out their wildest erotic fantasies. Holgarth isn't really a wacky wizard, and Sparkle Stardust doesn't actually create cosmic chaos by hooking up completely mismatched couples. And that naked guy chained up in the dungeon? No way he's a vampire.

Wrong...dead wrong, as botanist Cinn Airmid is about to find out. It's up to her to save the night feeder's sanity, but to do that she'll have to get closer to the most dangerously sexy male she's ever encountered. And one look in Dacian's haunted black eyes tells her close will take on a whole new meaning with someone who's had 600 years to practice his technique. Even a girl with a name that conjures up images of forbidden pleasures has a few tricks to learn from...

My Wicked Vampire

How I Came to Read This: I might have read about this online before I saw it in the store. Either way, the title immediately caught my attention.

My Review: I loved this book! As soon as I read the prologue, I knew I was hooked! The story is a mystery/thriller with a lot of humor. The action starts right away, no wasting time with formalities or fluff. There are wizards and demons and vampires and beings that I've never read about and they all have great personalities. They are a family of sorts, that band together when trouble comes to the castle.

The connection between Dacian and Cinn is one of my favorites. Cinn is sarcastic and outspoken. She encounters these people of supernatural powers for the first time and the way she handles their nature is classic. Initially, she thinks they all take their jobs way too seriously until she realizes that they might not be so crazy after all.

Dacian is smooth. I wouldn't exactly say he's a people-friendly kind of vampire. But he's got swag about him that makes him cool and collected. But deep down (like most fairytale vamps) he's a big softy! He totally falls for Cinn and he doesn't know what to do with himself!

There were so many great characters, and they all made this book a very fun read! 

Who Should Read This: Everyone! Well, okay, not everyone. This is for mature audiences only, it contains sexual content and some language. And I absolutely loved this book! It had the total package: suspense, humor, romance and lots of paranormal activity!!

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