Thursday, July 15, 2010

A BDay Wish

So, today is my birthday and let's just say I'm closer to 30 than I'd like to be. The wrong side of 20! So, to lift my spirits, I decided I wanted to talk about some of my favorite books and books I can't wait to read! Now, I'm not providing any links or pictures in this post for the simple fact that, well, it's my birthday and I don't wanna work that hard! Hmph.

The first book I need to mention (because I'm afraid people won't read the whole thing and I'd at least like people to hear about this book) is BLEEDING VIOLET by Dia Reeves! She created my most favorite character ever - Hannah! There are many names for people like Hannah: crazy, psycho, out of her flippin mind. Just to name a few. But to me? She's just funny as hell! She whacks her aunt on the head with a rolling pin and runs away to find her estranged mom. Well, mommy dearest lives in the craziest town - even Hannah's crazy mind couldn't imagine! I heart this book A LOT!

I just read HEARTS AT STAKE by Alyxandra Harvey and JESSICA'S GUIDE TO DATING ON THE DARK SIDE by Beth Fantaskey - both were REALLY awesome. Two really romantic, funny, vampire books; they're a quick-read so they were perfect for reading back to back. Now I can't wait to read their sequels BLOOD FEUD and THE WEDDING OF ANTANASIA JESSICA PACKWOOD AND LUCIUS VALERIU VLADESCU (that's a mouthful)!

 I started reading THE FALLEN by Thomas E. Sniegoski and it was good, really good. But then I went to Borders and quite unexpectedly saw LINGER (by Maggie Stiefvater) on the shelf! I thought the release date was July 20th? Not that I'm upset about it finally being in my hands - just upset that I keep getting incorrect dates from Goodreads. Does anyone else have that problem? Anyway, I had to put the first book down to read LINGER - we've waited long enough.

I really can't wait for AFTERLIFE, the 4th book in the EVERNIGHT SERIES by Claudia Gray. These books are amazing! Young vampire-human love, fighting and beheading, surviving and sacrificing. The ultimate struggle to be with the one you love. Oh, and a spin-off series - BALTHAZAR - a great character from the all the other books. LAST SACRIFICE by Richelle Mead. Seriously, who isn't waiting for this book? CITY OF FALLEN ANGELS, the Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare. I fell so hard in love with the first 3 books, I talked about them for weeks to anyone who would listen. Unfortunately, I wasn't blogging then.

I really want to read this book WHAT WAS I THINKING? 58 BAD BOYFRIEND STORIES by Barbara Davilman. It's not YA, I know, but it looks like it might give me a few laugh-out-loud moments! I've got my own bad boyfriend stories, might be nice to laugh at someone elses!

ONCE DEAD, TWICE SHY and its sequel by Kim Harrison look good GLIMMERGLASS by Jenna Black. I'm really curious to read BLESSED by Cynthia Leitich Smith because I honestly don't care for TANTALIZE ( the 1st in the so-far trilogy) but I loved sequel ETERNAL! They were two totally different books so I wonder where BLESSED goes from there.

I'm gonna wrap this up with 99 COFFINS (David Wellington), WHISPER (Pheobe Kitanidis, BLOOD OATH by Christopher Farnsworth was awesome, THIRST 1&2 by Christopher Pike were beautifully written, great books and I'm anxiously waiting No. 3. I love the Sookie Stackhouse Series and the written TWILIGHT SAGA is flawless in my eyes! By the way, last time I counted, there are 60 books on my bookcase that I haven't read yet! I can't stop buying them! I'm addicted. And I'm pretty sure that after my birthday, I'll add a few more to that number!  Happy Birthday to ME!

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