Friday, May 27, 2011

Clockwork Cover and Secret Circle on TV!

So, have you heard? The CW has picked up 'The Secret Circle' for the fall season! It will air Thursdays after 'Vampire Diaries'. You can click this link to watch trailers. If you haven't read this series, like me, here's the synopsis:

The circle's power has lured her home.

Forced to move from sunny California to gloomy New England, Cassie longs for her old life. Even so, she feels a strange kinship to a terrifying group of teens who seem to rule her school. Initiated into the coven of witches that's controlled New Salem for hundreds of years, she's drawn into the Secret Circle, a thrill that's both intoxicating and deadly. But when she falls for the mysterious and intriguing Adam, Cassie must choose whether to resist temptation or risk dark forces to get what she wants—even if it means that one wrong move could ultimately destroy her. 

I've been seeing the same question going around the internet these days:  

Are Witches Cooler Than Vampires? 

In my personal opinion, no. However, after watching the trailer for Secret Circle, I think they might be just as cool! Most vampires are indestructible, they're all super-human fast, some can fly and they're usually smoking hot - if you're reading the right book, that is! Downside - the whole blood thing. Ick. Witches, on the other hand, if strong enough, can cast some pretty powerful spells, or control the elements. Downside - there is usually a physical price the witch must pay, i.e. bloody noses, blackouts, near-death. Thoughts?

As promised, the cover for The Clockwork Prince has been revealed this month!


THAT, is an amazing cover! I still have not read Clockwork Angel so this cover has no deep meaning to me yet, but I still love it. It makes me want to try CA again. And I've got plenty of time too, because this sequel is not due to release until December 6th!

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