Friday, January 7, 2011

Cover Release!

For all you Fallen fans out there - this is for you! The cover for Passion, the third novel in the Fallen series has been revealed! And boy is it gorgeous!

I love how the cover for all three books; Fallen, Torment and now Passion, all portray the same girl in different poses. They all maintain the same theme yet vary in many ways. I like that. I have to be honest, I haven't read this series yet, but it's on my TBR pile!

The expected release date for Passion is June 14, 2011 in Hardcover, 384 pages.

Here are some books I saw at Borders that you may or may not know have been released: Tempestuous (Wondrous Strange, #3) by Lesley Livingston; Entice (Need, #3) by Carrie Jones; and My Soul To Steal (Soul Screamers, #4) by Rachel Vincent.

Now, unfortunately, I have a correction to make regarding yesterday's post. I mentioned that Jace and Alec have been cast for the City of Bones movie, but sadly, they have not. :(
I knew there was a reason I couldn't find out who they were! I asked Cassandra Clare via Twitter where I might find out this information and she informed me that actors have not yet been picked. So, it remains that Lily Collins has been the only person cast to play in the movie adaptation. She will be playing Clary Fray. I apologize for any upset in this matter. However, I will be on the look out for any more casting news and promise to share my findings right away!

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