Thursday, January 20, 2011


Hey Everyone!

So here is a Mini-Post, which for me means telling you about random things that don't really fit together!

First, I'd like to share with you that I just painted my living room and I am in love with it! I went to Home Depot and picked out a can of paint that the more I looked at it, was too lilac-y. I was going for a soft blue. So I went back and the girl mixed it until I was happier with the color. With my chocolate, black and tan furniture, the blue is the perfect addition! Ok, so now that I've got that off my chest, some book news!

A great bloog I like to follow, That Bookish Girl, tells you "How to Build Your Library on a Budget". Different ways to the books you want to read, for a price you can afford!

I was on, my favorite site for all my book info, and came the title of the sequel to Matched by Ally Condie, Crossed. It did not have a cover or synopsis but the expected publish date is November 1, 2011! I also saw the cover for Thirst  No. 4 by Christopher Pike. Again, no synopsis but set to release August 9, 2011. And this time there's a guy sexy guy on the cover! He's most likely Matt from the previous book, whom I hope will be in the spotlight more this time around! Look:

Now, I think I might be little behind with this one but sometimes I have so many books and series that I'm into and want to get into, that I have to intentionally overlook things lest my dosage be increased because I'm so stressed out about how many books I still have to read!! Whew! Anywho.

Bloodlines by Richelle Mead, the first of its sequel, due to release August 23, 2011. For those of you not in know, like me, Bloodlines takes place in the same world as Vampire Academy. Sydney, the Alchemist, is the narrator and Jill, Moroi, plays a big role in the story as well. However, the male role in this book is a surprise but hint that it is a love interest from Vampire Academy! My guess? Adrian. If not, some other love interest I've long forgotten. Oh well, it'll be that much more of a surprise!

Last but not least, of this not-so-mini Mini-Post:

I watched the series premiere of Being Human on the SyFy Channel, Monday @ 9:00EST. It's about a vampire - trying to be on his best behavior, it seems, a werewolf - still coming to turns with his wolfy-ness and a ghost girl - trying to get over being dead. They all live together and as the title implies, I guess they're going to act as though things are as normal as possible. But I get the very strong feeling that there will be nothing normal about what happens to them! I laughed, I cried...I didn't cry. I did enjoy it though. Despite all the conflicts I had trying to record a new show on a Monday night, I will still try to keep up with show weekly.

Got a random piece of news you'd like to share? Comment below!


P.E. @ Tantalizing Illusions said...

Whoa, there's a Thirst 4? I still haven't read 3! I can't wait for Bloodlines though I still havent read Last Sacrifice though it's sitting in my room. And Slice of Cherry is the sequel to Bleeding Violet? I didn't know that either! I'm bumping it on my TBR because I enjoyed Bleeding Violet so much.
Thanks for the book news.
(new follower),


Marrion said...

Haven't read anything from this books... lol
I'm going to try having some of these copies myself... Also, I'm a new follower! Love the blog! Awesome! Happy Reading!^^

You can visit my blog anytime!:]
Palm Books Journal

Elaine said...

@P.E. I'm glad you were able to find out something new! Thanks for stopping by!

Elaine said...

Thanks Marrion! All those series above are great - any one you choose is going to be a good read!


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