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Tuesday Review Day!

Hello Everyone! I've missed you so! I've got tons to share with you this week: a hot and steamy review to keep you in the spirit of Valentine's Day, a review of my awesome weekend in New York City at the American Museum of Natural History and Hayden Planetarium (with pics) and oodles of book news!! So be sure to come back for all the juicy posts to come!

Now, some of you might have been expecting my review of Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare, but I have a confession about that. Even though I LOVE the Mortal Instruments series, and I mean LOVE IT - I can not get into Clockwork Angel. I really want to read it and I will, but for now I will have to put it off. I just can't get into it. I'm hoping once City of Fallen Angels is released in a few months, that I will read it right away and therefore be in the mood pick up Clockwork again.

Anyway, time for an ADULTS ONLY REVIEW!!

Wicked Nights (The Castle of Dark Dreams, #1)
Publication date: April 4, 2006
Released in Paperback, ebook and Kindle
295 pages
Adult Romance

5 stars

Synopsis (from a Barnes & Noble review): Nina Bangs goes into overdrive with this funny, sexy paranormal adventure, the first in a trilogy starring three ultra-handsome brothers who run the Castle of Dark Dreams, an adult fantasy theme park. The plot kicks off as radio talk show host Donna Nolan agrees to broadcast live from the Castle for a week -- anything to stop the phone-ins from crazy women raving about their nonstop sex with vampires, demons, and who knows what else. She's unprepared for meeting the park's director, Eric McNair, secretly a vampire Highlander, the ultimate in sexy, sinister Uber-males. He's definitely going to meet his match with her, too. Throw in a cosmic sexual troublemaker, a telepathic cat, a red-hot pirate fantasy, and more chocolate than the town of Hershey will ever see, and you've got another entertaining, romantic smorgasbord from the author of Night Bites: Ginger Curwen

How I Came to Read This: First I read My Wicked Vampire, number four in the Castle of Dark Dreams series (my review here) and loved it! Then my friend plucked Wicked Nights out of a bin at the dollar store!

My Review: This series is about an adult entertainment theme park run by three immortal brothers: Conall, Brynn and Eric. Their roles in the castle are to play, well...themselves, actually. I won't reveal what exactly they are (except we already know Eric's a vampire), the others will be a strange and pleasant surprise! I have to admit, I've never heard of an immortal like Brynn before and I'd love to see him action! The Castle of Dark Dreams is investigated by Donna Nolan, a radio talk-show host of the third kind where people call in with stories about their encounters with creatures of the night and aliens, etc. I wasn't sure if I was going to enjoy this book as much as the other because character names are really important to me and honestly, Donna Nolan, is an awful name! If I pick up a book that sounds really good but it's main character has a name like Rondolfo or Burt or some other awful name I couldn't imagine saying in my head over and over, I absolutely cannot read it. How can find imagine a sexy man with a name like Thane? Fortunately for Donna Nolan, her personality makes up for her names short comings. She's used to dealing with wack-jobs in her line of business so when she gets to the Castle and meets the cast, she assumes they all take their roles way too seriously but she never assumes any of them actually are the characters they portray.

Eric McNair, or Eric the Evil, resident vampire as he's known around the castle, really brings the heat. I'm talking chocolate melting, window steaming, hair curling hotness! He doesn't brood over his existence, he embraces it - sexually, that is. He's survived 800 years because he knows how to keep people at arms length, never letting anyone get too close to him, never anything more than one-night stands. Until he meets a certain talk-show lady that he just can't seem to leave alone. The more time they spend together, the more they find themselves exploring their deepening feelings for each other. Anytime these two are in the same room, you could cut the sexual tension with a KY Jelly spreading knife!

Nina Bangs is so good at describing a scene, you can literally feel the heat of Eric's gaze, his breath on the nape of your neck, his hands on your...

Uh, where was I? Oh right. Whenever I reopened this book, I fell right back into the Castle of Dark Dream. This place is so mysterious, I wish I could see it for myself. Experience the role playing for myself, having a sexy vampire chase me around while I scream at the top of lungs, then having an equally sexy warrior come to my rescue and scoop me up and take me away! *sigh*

Who Should Read This: Definitely recommended for 18yrs and up! Not only is it heavy on the sex and romance, but it's funny too! And what's a good romance without a bad guy to bring two people closer together? It isn't trashy-sexy either. It's sensual, erotic and...what else can I say: delicious!

Here is a little teaser from Wicked Nights! Again, I have to stress, adults only. Enjoy!

As he kissed her neck, her breast, and then closed his lips around each nipple and teased it to a hard nub with his tongue, she raked her fingers through his hair and gripped his shoulders with clawed fingers.

Arching her back, she moaned her pleasure as he gripped her bottom and slid his tongue over her stomach. She lifted her hips and spread her legs wider, inviting him in even as something important tried to make itself heard over the drumroll of spiraling sexual excitement. 

Eric had evidently reached his own threshold of endurance, because with a muttered oath he lifted her hips, and she felt the nudge of his sex between her legs. She was open, moist, and her body was clenching  in delicious anticipation.

Whew! Steamy huh?

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