Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday Review Day!

Written by: Christopher Pike
Publication date: August 9, 2011
Released in Paperback, Kindle and ebook by Simon and Schuster Children's Publishing
496 pages
Given to me by my special someone :)

5 stars - This series is a must read!

Synopsis: The conclusion to the phenomenally successful Thirst series follows five-thousand-year-old vampire Alisa Perne as she battles a new race of immortals: the Telar. The Telar are a challenging threat. But Alisa is hungry for blood - and thirsty for revenge.

My Review: This is no longer a story about a vampire. Sita has gone from human to the oldest "living" vampire to spiritual being, back to human, then vampire again, back to being a vampire/spiritual being that transcends all planes of the universe. She is truly remarkable. I mean really, what other book has a character like this? Christopher Pike is nothing short of remarkable himself; the thought and detail he has put into Sita's life and story. She's over 5,000 years old, she's done and seen everything (twice), been everywhere and she battles the most complex enemies.

Just a quick note: The synopsis may refer to her as Alisa Perne, but she will always be Sita to me - and that is how I will refer to her! Hmph.

Waking up in Teri's body is disorienting for Sita, feeling as though both she and Teri occupy the same body and mind. Her powers are limited; her psychic abilities are only a shadow of what they used to be, but her thirst has increased to nothing she's experienced since she was first turned. On top of all that, she's got Matt to deal with. She's hiding in his lover's body without him knowing and since he tried to kill her when he found out Sita was turning Teri into a vampire, she's in no rush to tell him! Seymour isn't too happy with it either. We all know how he feels about Sita and watching her with Matt is maddening, even if he doesn't show it.

With the ancient Telar threatening to destroy the human population by releasing an incurable, therefore deadly, virus - Sita and all her friends, Seymour, Matt and Shanti are scrambling for a cure and a way to kill the Telar. It looks like the only way to win this war, will be to team up with their other biggest enemy - the IIC. You know the saying, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend"? Yeah, it's something like that. There's one problem - well there are many problems, but one of them is that Sita's group of friends, has a mole. After much consideration, she's pretty sure she knows who it is and is ready to make them pay - but she could be wrong, and too late.

Sita will meet (and introduce to us) another amazing character she finds along her journey. She will also travel to the beyond and back and acquire a new "angel" on her shoulder, so to speak. But is this new attachment helping or hurting her? She can feel it's presence but isn't sure of the true nature of its influence.

When it comes time for Judgment Day, Sita has a lot to be weighed. Literally. After 5,000 years can her good deeds outweigh the bad or is it her heart that will truly be judged?

Overall: If this is a series you are not familiar with, please give it a try. This is not what I would consider a "light" read. It is deep, spiritual (not religious and preachy - just has a spiritual foundation) and really makes your mind work for the story. It's like one of those movies where you really have to pay attention or you won't get it - but if you do, it's totally worth it! Action, love, action, memorable characters and more action!

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