Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday Movie Review Day! SPOILERS!

November 18th was by far the greatest day EVER! Like every year after Twilight's release, the bestie and I patiently wait in line for five or six hours for the midnight showing of the next installment. This year our theater did things a little differently. Instead of lining up hours before, they started it at 10pm, opening theaters one or two at a time which led to a ton of shuffling from theater to theater trying to find a good seat. 

When we finally found the right place to park it - the perfect distance from the screen, directly in the middle with minimal head-blockage in front of us, it began...

The beginning dragged of wedding and honeymoon stuff. Not that these weren't great parts but if you've read the books, maybe you were starting to feel like I did, "Get pregnant already!!" The whole time Bella was walking down the aisle, I was waiting for her to throw up or pull a runaway bride stunt. Kristen Stewarts portrayal of Bella's nervousness made her look as though she was nauseous and if I didn't already know what was going to happen, I would have been real nervous that she wasn't going to go through with it. There was very little introduction to the Denali Clan at the wedding and as a result no mention of their importance or connection to Laurent or the Cullens. It makes me wonder how they will treat the clans and their significance in the second half of the two-part film.

I should mention Jacob removes his shirt within the first ten seconds in the very beginning of the movie, so it wasn't all bad.

The honeymoon scene had everything, all the distractions, the sexual tension building up, the scenery. Everything but the eggs. Edward mentions making breakfast one time but we never see him make any eggs. When Bella finally realizes she's pregnant, the scene plays out exactly the way it did when I read the book. She begins her painful descent into sickness as the baby begins to kill her from the inside and man, Bella looks like HELL!!!! I have never seen Kristen Stewart look so awful - not even when she chopped all her hair off for that stupid rock movie. I really believed she was dying and I was scared for her! The acting truly improved in this film. I felt Bella's love for the baby the moment she called Rosalie for help to protect it. The way she spoke about doing anything she had to, holding on until her heart gave out, whatever it took to make sure the baby survived felt sincere. Robert Pattinson improved as well. When Edward asked her if she really thought he could love the thing that caused her death, I felt his pain and impending loss.

Of course, any scene with Jacob is perfection. Taylor Lautner knew his character and portrayed him better than anyone else throughout the entire saga. It's amazing how he consumed his role and laid it out there for all the world to see. I believe, Stephenie Meyer kidnapped Taylor Lautner and held him hostage in her house while she wrote his character because he IS Jacob. What I did miss were the exchanges between Jacob and Rosalie, the jabs at each other. You remember, the doggy jokes and bloodsucker insults. It would've been nice to see. If you thought the wolves made an impression in New Moon, think again. Seeing the woods through Jacob's eyes as he ran, hearing the voices of the pack was amazing. Something we had hoped for from their first appearance. There was no better part in any of the films, was when Jacob broke away from Sam's pack. Watching him put Sam in his place, he seemed to grow in size and power. The whole thing was intense! Amazing!

Another little thing that would have been fun to see was when Jacob ventures out to find someone, anyone, to imprint on. But when he finally looks into Renesmee's eyes, imprints and envisions their future together was very cool! Renesmee's birth leads to a confrontation between the Cullens and the wolf pack. They fight and intense yet short-lived battle when Jacob intervenes and puts an end to the brawl with the knowledge of his imprinting on Renesmee.

Finally, Bella's transformation. I felt it was true to the description in the book, though I would have liked to see more of her inner struggle. However, I also felt that if you didn't read the books, you would not have been able to fully understand exactly what she was going through. There were many bridges omitted in this film but I think there was a good reason for it. First, let me say that Bill Condon, the director, should have been directing the saga from the start. Each year we keeping that the current director is better than the last, which they are, but Condon really did book-to-movie the way it should be done. So far, Breaking Dawn is the best adaptation of all the films. I'm beginning to believe that Condon made the movie strictly with the people who read the book in mind. He showed us the scenes we wanted to see and skimmed over the stuff we already knew, and if you didn't read the book and you couldn't fill in the gaps then that was your problem! At times when you thought the movie was dragging, I think that was Condon's way of embracing the scene and the emotions that went along with the moments being played out.

The end of the movie was disappointing but only because it was the end. I totally predicted what scene they were going to end it at - mainly because it seemed the only logical moment to break. Overall, I was very please with this movie and have already begun counting down to Part II!!

What was your favorite/least favorite part?

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