Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fave Books of 2011 - Day 4


In anticipation of the new year and all the new releases to follow, I will be doing a countdown of my favorite books in 2011; a different one everyday until the ball drops! Each new fave will be a different category such as favorite book, character, cover, series, bad-guy-you-love-to-hate and ebook.

So today I wanna drool over some hot covers we've all be given to lust over this year. Although there were a ton of releases with gorgeous covers this year, I only pick my favorites from books I've read (or from a series I am currently reading). I've picked my favorite five with a little snippet of what I liked about them.

I love how Simon is front and center of this cover, shoulders squared, jaw tight, looking ready for anything. It was high time he came out of the shadows and into the light. Still, my absolute favorite part of this cover is the way Clary's hair floats around her like its living, breathing fire.

I love the earth tones/autumn colors of this cover. I also love how in these covers, "Evie" is always outside in what appears to be a very windy evening, yet she's never in the outdoors like that in the story. The cover doesn't really represent the character very well but that doesn't mean it isn't still pretty!


This cover is simple yet I think it is a modest depiction of Bianca. She has these big eyes and this vulnerable yet determined look on her face. I can almost see her facing her next obstacle.

The Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy all have fantastic covers. This one shows Sam approaching Wolf Grace in the woods. When this cover was revealed, thousands of readers simultaneously widened their eyes and gasped with awe!

Now, if you're looking at this cover here to my left, I don't think many words will be needed to explain why it is one of my favorites this year. The flower looks as if I can touch it, smell it, hold it in my hand. It is absolutely beautiful.

I hope you liked my favorites and feel free to share your favorite covers below!

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