Friday, December 30, 2011

Fave Books of 2011 - Day 5


In anticipation of the new year and all the new releases to follow, I will be doing a countdown of my favorite books in 2011; a different one everyday until the ball drops! Each new fave will be a different category such as favorite book, character, cover, series, bad-guy-you-love-to-hate and ebook.

Originally I was going to make this a six day thing but I decided to stop at five and I'm switching it up a little bit for my final category, so my final Fave of 2011 is:


My favorite bad guy this year is without a doubt Irial of Ink Enchange by Melissa Marr.

Initially, I was perfectly content with hating him and immediately marking him as the bad guy in this story, but then he had to go and get all sensitive and have feelings and make me not hate him anymore. He's still far from being the hero but he's not the jerk I first thought he was. I ended up feeling bad for him in the end, wishing he could have had his happily-ever-after ending, too. Look out for my review of Ink Exchange coming next Tuesday Review Day.

Do you have a favorite villain that you 
ending up liking in the end? 
Well, share!

I hope you've enjoyed my favorites this week as I've enjoyed talking about them and re-living some of my best reading memories to date. 

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