Friday, October 1, 2010

Lucy by Laurence Gonzales

Hey guys! Can I call you that, is that ok? Well, once again I was asked to find some bloggers interested in receiving a book for review. Bridget from Knopf Publicity sent a copy to me super fast! Here's what I got:

An explosive, daring novel that suggests what might happen when a young girl is discovered to be the result of the experimental breeding of human and ape.

Lucy, the fourteen-year-old daughter of a primatologist, a girl who has had only apes as playmates, is rescued from the jungles of the Congo during a civil war uprising and brought to live in the suburbs of Chicago. The stunning revelation of who—and what—she is sets in motion her fight for survival and for her very right to exist.

Here is a novel that has as its underpinnings the moral, ethical, and philosophical issues of cutting-edge biotechnology, genetic engineering, and cloning, and that masterfully explores what it means to be human . . .

So now that I've put that out there, I have a question. Should I not use my personal blog to find reviewers for books that are sent to me through the YA Blogosphere? Is that wrong? Should I not do that or should I do it more? It just seemed like common sense to offer you, my follower, a chance to review some great books! Think on that. Get back to me. ;)

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