Monday, July 12, 2010

How Do You Blog?

I think I have a strange method of blogging. Maybe, maybe not. So it left me curious to know how my fellow bloggers, well, blog. Let me share with you what I mean by being the first to answer this question.

I have, by far, THE worst memory. If it wasn't for family, friends and pictures to remind of things that have happened, my memory would be non-existent altogether! So when I'm reading a book, I write my review as I go instead of when I've finished it. The reason being is, if I wait until the end, I won't be able to recall the key points of the book I enjoyed the most. I'll be thinking them as I read but I won't remember them. Especially if it takes me a little while to read the book.

So that is how I blog. I write reviews as I read the book (I even wrote out this post)! I admit, even to me, it sounds like a strange method, but it works for me!

So, How Do You Blog?

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